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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rumors Run Rampant, But Favre Stays Retired

I honestly think that Brett Favre must love this time of year. Not because the fishing is good in Mississippi or because he's sure to get a farmer's tan. If you ask me, Favre loves the attention he draws every late spring regarding his football status. The "will he? or won't he?" kind of speculation probably makes him feel important and wanted; something the Packers got tired of doing this time last year.

Last year's buzz about Favre's return was surrounded by the spectacle that came with his retirement from Green Bay and his subsequent return and eventual trade to the Jets. Although a trade to the Minnesota Vikings was never in the works, the Vikings were accused of having improper communication with Favre . Even though they were eventually cleared of tampering, the Vikings have never denied their interest in having Brett Favre on their roster. Once released by the Jets, rumors ran hot of Favre's possible return to the game and to the NFC North with the Vikings.

This time however, the out of control rumor mill is starting to slow its spin. According to Steve Mariucci from the NFL network, Favre has not been throwing or working out since his last regular season game with the Jets. That fact is not too surprising. It was June of last year that Favre committed to his training program to make his return to football. But a major development today reported by Yahoo Sports stated that a source close to the Vikings confirms that Favre will choose to stay retired.

Apparently, Favre spoke to Vikings head coach Brad Childress via telephone and informed him that this time his retirement is for real. It is expected that Favre will officially put the rumors and innuendo to rest with a formal statement in the near future.

It looks like the Vikings will be left out in the cold again in their pursuit of Brett Favre. The Vikings are determined to improve from last season's respectable finish of 10-6; even though they made a trip to the playoffs. Many feel that they are only a pro bowl quarterback away from a Super Bowl run. The quarterbacks currently on their roster are Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels, and John David Booty. Last year, Jackson might have shown flashes of greatness, but he also showed inconsistency and was benched for veteran QB Gus Frerotte in week 2.

Although they have the best running back in the league in Adrian Peterson, it is the quarterback position that they obviously feel the need to upgrade. With mini camps underway and training camp around the corner, it would appear that the Vikings will be forced to go with what they have on their roster. As for Favre, maybe some good ol' Mississippi fishing and a well earned Farmer's tan can suffice. For now.

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