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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lions Zone In on Stafford reports that the Lions are in negotiations to get a deal done with Georgia QB Matt Stafford before Saturday's draft. According to the report, the Lions are in talks with Tom Condon and Ben Dogra who represent both Matt Stafford and Baylor OT Jason Smith. Smith appears to be the back-up plan if a deal cannot be reached with Stafford in the next few days.

If taken with the #1 pick, Stafford would begin his career as the backup to veteran QB Daunte Culpepper. However, it is believed that Stafford has the skills to be competitive enough in training camp to give Culpepper a run for his money.

I, for one, hope the Lions get this deal done. It would give them a chance at having a true franchise quarterback. Also, it would give my mock draft a chance at being accurate.

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